The best top 5 mobile brands in Pakistan

Nowadays mobile is a necessary gadget, a must-have gadget you can say. It connects you to the world or what is happening in the world.

Mobiles perform various functions, they are used to make calls, send texts, video calling, internet browsing, gaming, watching movies, taking pictures, and to find any place through GPS. For HD movies, you need high-speed internet. Check you’re:

There are a lot of mobile brands in the market so it is becoming difficult to choose the best mobile with amazing features and smooth performance.

This article is about the top 5 best mobile brands in Pakistan with their features and it will reduce your worry while buying a new phone.


Their product stands out in every perspective and they make no compromises when it comes to technology and innovation.

They have a different series of phones which they launch every year.

  • Samsung A series
  • Samsung S series
  • Samsung J series
  • Samsung note

All the series of their mobile phones have different specifications. They differ in look, memory, speed, and prices but every model is reliable, up to date, and is according to the needs of the modern time.

The battery life of their phones is the best than any other phone and they bring something new every year.

They launch phones in all price ranges so that a large number of customers can buy it according to their budget.


It is a Chinese brand that brings forward something new every year and they believe in innovation.

They have a wide range of customers throughout the world. All of their mobile phones have plenty of specifications and the best quality that gives a tough competition to all other brands in the market.

  • They have launched 5G enabled phones
  • Their camera captures picture and record video with amazing resolution
  • Their battery life is wonderful
  • Their phones have the capacity to store a large amount of data

Their mobile phones come in all price ranges and it is one of the leading mobile phone brands.


Oppo is also a Chinese brand that has gained popularity in Pakistan due to its amazing selfie camera. Their mobile phones have amazing quality.

Oppo F3 and oppo Reno are their recent launches and they gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan because of their amazing selfie cameras and other features.

Their target is to attract the young generation through their product. The prices of their mobile phones are affordable but vary from model to model.


Their mobile phones have recently become popular in Pakistan and they launch smarter and faster phones every year.

Their mobile phones never lack in quality as well as performance that’s why it is a well-trusted mobile brand.

Their latest smartphones are

Vivo S1

Vivo V17 Pro

Vivo V12

They have

  • Super gaming speed which is amazing for gamers to play games in HD
  • Superfast speed
  • Pre-installed graphics card

They are available all over Pakistan and vary in prices.


It is a Chinese brand which was established in 2006. It has gained popularity because of its amazing performance and wide range of features.

Its latest mobile launch is Camon 16. It was launched on 10th October 2020.

Its features include a 6.80inch touch screen, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of Internal Storage.

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It also captures pictures with full resolution. These mobiles are available all over Pakistan and vary in prices.